Life events requiring appraisals…


There are many life events where a professional appraisal may be legally necessary.
These include:

    • • Insurance evaluations
      • Divorce
      • Estate settlement
      • Tax deductions following contributions
      • Business sale/dissolution



  • Do you know what you have?

    A professional appraisal provides a legally accepted documentation of your tangible assets. Making sound financial decisions in the current economic climate has become a day-to-day necessity. Selling below or above market value can have long-term consequences such as tax penalties, audits, unacceptable charitable contribution write-offs, familial disagreements, etc. Take the time to research and contract with an appraiser who specializes in your type of property.

    ***Be Careful…***

    Your appraiser should have the minimum training required by your state and federal guidelines. In the past, many appraisers submitted documentation based upon rudimentary knowledge due to lax appraisal laws. Legislation now requires appraisals to meet USPAP standards.