This section contains pieces by the most famous of the late 18thC women silversmiths, Hester Bateman, and her family of silversmiths. By any standards, Hester Bateman(1709-1794) must be considered a remarkable woman. Widowed at the age of 51, she promptly took over her husband’s metal smithy in Bunhill Row on the fringes of the city of London, and developed it – she did not retire from active participation till she was over 80 – from a single outworker’s hut into a gigantic silversmith business. Her workshops ran the width of the three houses behind which they were built, and in which she lived together with her sons Peter and Jonathan and Jonathan’s wife, Ann, a silver worker in her own right. Jonathan and Ann’s son, William, later joined the family business. The ware that these craftsmen fashioned, under Hester Bateman’s guidance, as well as that she herself made, ranks in quality and design with that of the best 18thC and early 19thC works.** **Description taken from D.S. Shure’s book about Hester Bateman silver. To view our collections of Hester Bateman silver, Paul Storr silver, other Georgian silver, Old Sheffield Plate, additional Victorian silver and Antique silver, Antique Jewelry, and other “inspired” small antiques (over 400 currently available) purchased by us while in the UK, click on the buttons to your left.